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Russian Visa. Visa Support. Invitation to get Russian Tourist Visa

If you need, we can provide you with "Visa Support", official documents, which confirm your accommodation in Russia, i.e. tourist voucher and accommodation confirmation issued by an authorized Russian travel agency.

Getting of the Russian Tourist Visa

The Russian Tourist Visa can be obtained at the nearest Russian Consulate in your country. Usually, the documents they ask you to present are:

1. Passport
2. 1-2 photos
3. "Visa Application" filled in with your data, usually it is possible to download it on the Internet or it can be taken at the Consulate.
4. "Visa Support", also it can be called "invitation", "tourist voucher", "accommodation confirmation". This is an official document, issued by Russian travel agency or hotel who confirms your accommodation in Russia. We can provide you with this document (see below). 
5. For some countries they can ask a medical insurance.

Also, you will need to pay a Consulate fee. All this you can make personally, by postal service or with a help of some travel agent in your country. The Visa itself is a special paper-sticker enclosed to the passport.

We can provide our guests with complete Visa Support (tourist voucher and accommodation confirmation) issued by an authorized Russian travel agency with whom we collaborate. It can be sent by EMAIL in PDF format, by fax or in original by mail. The cost of the Visa Support (invitation) is 20 or 30 Euros, depending on the duration of stay and if the registration is included or not (registration is necessary only for stays  longer than 7 working days).

To process the Visa Support, we would need these data from every guest:

First name (or names, exactly as in the passport)
Family name
Date of Birth
Passport number
Dates of entrance and leaving Russia
Cities of your accommodation in Russia
Fax number (automatic), if the Russian Consulate in your country does not accept PDF.


1. The Visa Support will be sent to you by E-MAIL in PDF format (if it is OK for the Russian consulate in your country, usually is fine for USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Spain and others) or by FAX (usually is asked in France, maybe in other countries) during 1-2 working days.

2. Visa Registration is necessary if you stay in Russia or in one Russian city 7 working days or more. To do it, you have to come with your passport and Migration card (it will be given to you on the border) to the office of the travel agency in St. Petersburg. One person can come with the passports and Migration cards of all members of the group. At the agency they will make photocopies of your passport and Migration card and they will not keep the originals. The stuff of the travel agency speaks English and also can provide you with tourist information and services. If you stay in Russia less than 7 working days, you can avoid Visa Registration as it is not obligatory. Saturday, Sunday and official holidays are not considered as working days.

If you have made the Russian Visa without usuing of our Visa Support (invitation), but need the Visa Registration in St. Petersburg, we will indicate you a travel agency, located at Nevsky prospect, who will register your visa with the migration service (police) for 600 roubles (about 20 USD or 14 EUR). It is the cheapest rate we know.

3. Travelling to other Russian cities (Moscow, etc.). If you plan to travel to other Russian cities, we can make the Visa Support for the whole period of your stay in Russia, including period of your stay in other cities, so you will not need to get any additional Visa Support from other accommodations in other Russian cities. But we will need to know where you will stay in these cities and a security that you will be registered living in other cities, if you need it.

4. It is not possible to prolong the already issued Visa. So, if you are not totally sure about the date of your departure from Russia, you can make the Visa for up to 30 days. You can enter or leave the country (1 time if your visa is for 1 entrance) on any day during your Visa is valid. Example: your Visa is from 1st of January till 15th of January. You can also enter on 4th of January and leave on 11th of January.

Special notes:

1. "Visa Support" IS NOT the Visa, it is a document from inviting Russian organization (travel agency or hotel), necessary to get the Russian Visa at the Russian Consulate.

2. It is not possible for us to offer any other (free) documents apart of this VISA SUPPORT from Russian travel agency, that would be really valid for getting the Russian visa, as the Russian Consulate has exact rules about format of such standard documentation.

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