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Dear friends! We can help you to purchase the train tickets for trains in Russia in advance. Many trains now have electronic tickets, that will be send to you by email.

To buy a train tickets, please tell us these details:

1. From where and where do you want to go by train (cities)
2. Date or dates of the trip
3. Number of persons (tickets)
4. If you need overnight or day train (for Moscow-St. Petersburg trip)
5. For the overnight trains - what type of compartment do you prefer: for 2 (1st class) or 4 people (2nd class). If you want to have a meal included, tell it (such tickets are more expensive).
6. If you travel between Moscow and St. Petersburg, please see below a timetable and approximate price-list and let us know which trains do you prefer.

Your name:
hat Russian train tickets would you like to purchase:

You can send this information to E-mail: As soon as we get your request, we will send it to the Russian travel agency (Palitra Travel), located in St. Petersburg, and its manager will contact you the same or next working day (Monday-Friday) with all details about the available tickets, their prices and payment options.

Attention: the tickets can be sold by railway not earlier than 45 days before the trip!

The tickets are offered for all possible directions inside of Russia. You only need to let us know where you what to go and when. We will find the suitable trains and will inform you about the prices and types of the carriages. Below there are the prices for the most popular trip: Moscow - St. Petersburg and back. But, it is possible to purchase the ticket for any direction, including the trains between Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, etc. You will be able to pay for the train tickets by 2 ways: with your credit card or in cash at the office in Saint Petersburg. You will be given all the data by E-mail.

Approximate prices of the train tickets for the trip between Moscow and St. Petersburg


Approximate prices for 1 person / 1 way (in roubles)

Train timetable
Moscow-St. Petersburg St. Petersburg-Moscow
1 class 2 class Departure Arrival Departure Arrival

Overnight trains (the trip takes 8 hours): 1st class: compartment for 2 persons. 2nd class: compartment for 4 persons. Prices are without meal but this option is also possible by request.

Red Arrow / Krasnaya Strela 1/2 6400 3850 23.55. 7.55. 23.55. 7.55.
Express 3/4 5300 3700 23.59. 8.00. 23.59. 8.00.
Smena 25/26 5100 2950 23.00. 6.45. 23.00. 7.00.
Two capitals (Dve Stolitsi) 63/64 5400 3200 22.10. 6.06. 23.16. 6.43.
Afanasiy Nikitin 37/38 5500 2950 00.30. 8.48. 22.20. 6.02.

Day trains (seats)

Sapsan 6900 4000 06.45. 10.40. 06.45. 10.40.
Sapsan 6000 3400 13.00. 17.45. 13.00. 17.45.
Sapsan 7300 4300 16.30. 20.45. 15.00. 19.15.
Sapsan 7300 4300 16.45. 21.00. 15.15. 19.30.
Sapsan 7300 4300 19.45. 23.40. 19.45. 23.40.

The price are in Roubles (Russian currency), without a meal. The tickets with a meal included exist also, they are more expensive. The tickets without a meal are more demanded and are sold out first. The trains have the carriage-restaurants also. The bed linen is usually included. The price can vary according to the date of the trip and type of the train, if the meal is included or not, etc.

Photos of the train "Red Arrow"

Photos of the train "Sapsan"

If you do not want to share the compartment in the overnight train with other alien persons, you can buy all the berths of the compartment. Every ticket has a carriage and number of the berth assigned. 

The agency cannot sell the tickets of 3rd class ("Platzkart") to the foreign tourists.

To buy a ticket, you will be asked about some data: names, surname, passport number. This data is written at the ticket and are checked at the check-in to the train.

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